November 8,2017

Ready to Rise has recently hired Anna Sather as the new site coordinator at Western Washington University. Anna has been the site coordinator at Western for two months. Because her mother worked at Western, Anna has already spent a lot of time on campus going to events and getting involved with the local community before she left for Washington State University.

Anna is very excited to be working at Western and with the students; for her, things have come full circle. Anna is most excited about the prospect of having honest conversations with her students. She’s looking forward to helping the students in “forming identities, having conversations on tough topics like DACA, racism, and being nonwhite students at a [predominantly] white institution”—conversation that she wishes she’d had as an undergraduate.

The learning is never finished, however; as much as she might teach her students, she’s also looking forward to learning from them, as well. “I learn as much from them as I teach,” Anna says. “I love working with students in these formative years, and I learn about myself in that.”

Anna Helberg-Sather

Ready to Rise WWU Campus Coordinator

Meet Anna

Anna is a Bellingham native and an alumna from Washington State University where she studied Psychology, Sociology and French language. She has spent the last 5 years in agency recruiting in Seattle, and was recently working with small to Fortune 500 companies helping staff their accounting and finance departments. In the past, she volunteered as a Chapter Advisor for WSU Alpha Kappa Psi.